Breastfeeding Support

Chaya understands that mothers sometimes feel anxious or worried about breastfeeding. It is so central to motherhood that women feel they should instinctively know how to do it and take to it naturally. But it’s not always easy, it can take time to get right. Mothers might also have all sorts of questions, such as how often should I breastfeed? Should I breastfeed at set times? Or simply, why isn’t it working for me?

If you feel like this then Chaya can help you overcome your breastfeeding problems. She breastfed both of her own children, has been a Breastfeeding Peer supporter since 2011 and is an active member of La Leche League in Bath. Using a combination of counselling skills and practical guidance she offers emotional and physical support so that mothers work through challenges by making informed decisions to find out what will help them to successfully breastfeed their babies.

Home visits in the Bath area are up to two hours long and cost £65 plus travelling expenses. .

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Some things expectant parents have said about Chaya’s Postnatal and Breastfeeding Support:

Thanks Chaya again for your support and help previously. little S is latching on well and my nipple is not sore anymore. I think also her mouth has grown bigger too, so everything is working out better‘ August 2020, WhatsApp Virtual support for Mother in Sydney, Australia

‘Thank you so much! Was really helpful to talk to you. I really appreciate it xx’ Mother of 3 week old baby (May 2020 – video call during Covid 19 pandemic)

‘Thank you for the chat earlier. It was good to talk to you’ Parents of 3 week old baby (April 2020 – video call during Covid-19 pandemic)

‘Thank you. I’m feeling much calmer about feeding since our chat’ Mother of 2 week old (April 2020 – video call during Covid-19 pandemic)

‘Thanks for your time today Chaya, so helpful to just talk things through. Keeping her closer has felt better today…’ Mother of 1 week old baby (October 2020 – WhatsApp call)