The word ‘doula’ comes from the Greek word meaning a woman who has given birth herself and gives another woman help and assistance. It’s an old tradition but one that is as relevant as ever today. Our modern lives mean that traditional family support is not always there for expectant mothers. For many reasons the immediate support of grandmothers, mothers or sisters won’t be available. The doula is there to take their place and offer the same care and support. She’s there to offer practical guidance and emotional help. Above all she is there to listen. She’s someone you can be completely honest and open with about how you are feeling because she’s been there herself. As well as providing help she is there to create an environment where a woman giving birth can feel safe and secure. She is also there to listen, and to act as a communicator between the mother, her partner and the midwife.

Studies have shown that the presence of a doula at the birth has a positive effect on mother and baby. Labours can be shorter and less painful and there are less caesarean births. This means a happier experience for mothers and consequently healthier babies and provides the best possible start for the relationship between mother and baby.

Antenatal and Birth Packages

Chaya offers a comprehensive birth package for £950 plus travelling expenses in the Bath area. The package is designed to give you all of the support you need, making sure your concerns are addressed, questions answered and reassurance and guidance given.

  • Free initial consultation that lasts for up to an hour.
  • Two home visits before the birth. During these visits Chaya will establish an understanding of your needs and concerns while building a positive relationship so that she can provide the necessary practical and emotional support. (Additional visits can be arranged for a fee e.g. antenatal appointment with midwife/scan)
  • Available by phone and/or e-mail and on-call for you, twenty-four hours a day, two weeks before your due date until labour begins.
  • Attend the birth when labour starts and to be with you when you need her.
  • 2 Postnatal visits as requested
  • Use of an inflatable birth pool (you will need to supply your own disposable liner which costs about £30).
  • Your own unique birth story, written for your baby within six weeks of the birth.

Please see Postnatal Support page for further information on support available for the postnatal period only.

Birth Preparation One Day Workshop

Chaya now offers 1:1 Birth Preparation Workshops in the comfort of your own home, combining her skills as an experienced doula and antenatal teacher together with some hypnobirthing relaxation techniques and are tailored to your particular needs.

One Day Birth Preparation workshops (10am til 3pm) for a mother plus her birth partner are available in the Bath area. Cost: £250 plus travelling expenses.

Some things people have said about Chaya’s Doula Support:

‘Thank you so much Chaya- so wonderful to have you as part of this special water birth experience’ Mother of baby, 9lb 6oz, born in water at RUH, Bath. May 22

‘Your positive presence giving ideas and offering suggestions was so helpful. I wouldn’t have considered going home as an option if you hadn’t suggested it, and that’s where my labour really started being established. You not only were a strong advocate during my birth in conversations with the midwives and doctors, you really helped T’ April 22, S, VBAC at RUH, Bath

Thanks you so much for your help, it made a massive difference.‘ – Dec 2021, G & K, Antenatal birth preparation workshop (at home)

Thanks for making a wonderful day even more wonderful!‘ – November 2021, Grandmother of baby, born in water, RUH, Bath

We were just saying because of your NCT class we were ready this time to try hypnobirthing, and only after our phone call with you did we make up our mind for a home birth. So, thank you very much. You did have quite an encouraging influence on us 🙂 C, February 2021 ‘Back up’ Doula during Covid-19 pandemic

B joined our family this morning at 8.11am. It was a great home birth….. We will tell you more another time. Thank you so much for your support! M, February 2021 ‘Back up’ Doula during Covid-19 pandemic

‘We can’t tell you how eternally grateful we are to you for all your help. We couldn’t have done it without you!’ C & J, December 2019.

‘Thank you so much for being with us, guiding us, encouraging us over these last few weeks and days.’ Chris, father of baby, born in water, Bristol. September 2019.

‘I have a quiet minute so I have time to reflect on the birthing experience…I’m SO grateful to you for being present at the birth and guiding me through. It made a big difference to me. Thank you.’ 
Stanka, August 2015

‘Thank you again for being such a wonderful support to me throughout the birth – it was such a comfort to have you there’ 
Francesca, Christmas Eve 2014

‘I’m your number one fan and my gratefulness to you keeps washing over me. Somehow someday I want to do something in return for all you did for me’ 
Alice, baby boy 10lb 2oz, born in water at RUH, Bath. June 2014

‘Divine Assistance’ 
P & S, parents of Danniel, born at RUH, Bath. March 2014

‘Thank you again 4 your calm, positive support over last 24hrs. So lucky 2 have you with us! So much love & thanks, we are your biggest fans!’ 
M, G, L, T & baby girl. June 2013

‘I had the birth I wanted’ 
Clare, mother of twins Finley and Marley, born vaginally at RUH, Bath. October 2012

‘I’m not gonna lie, I’m very proud! So glad the whole thing went so differently! And I really couldn’t have done it without you, my mum and Jack, so again thank you!’ 
Kelly, mother of baby Milo born in water at the RUH, October 2011

‘We would like to thank you from the deepest of our hearts for your friendly smile, your warm hugs, your beautiful massage and for your more than generous support to make the labour and delivery as great as it was.’ 
Henry, Lucie and baby Henry – October 2010

‘Thank you darling, I felt relaxed as soon as I saw you.’ 
Paul – August 2010

‘Thank you so much for being so wonderfully there!’ 
Shelagh, Jonathan, Kelly & Jesse – May 2010

‘Breathing with me and massaging my legs during labour was great – it helped me to feel like I could manage each contraction and stay positive. Baba’s birth was so positive, happy and even quite fun (in a weird way) and a great part of this was due to your presence!’ 
Mara & Gavin – March 2010

‘Thank you for sharing the wonderful experience with us, it wouldn’t be the same without you.’ 
Iva, Cloud & Maja – May 2009

‘Many thanks, we couldn’t have done it without you, your lovely kindness and very practical help was so greatly needed and appreciated.’ 
Liz & Nigel – June 2008

‘Thanks again for all your amazing help and support before and most of all during her birth.’ 
Hanna – April 2008

‘Thanks honey for last night, you are a star!’ 
Paul – February 2008

‘I cannot thank you enough. It made all the difference to have your kind support and see your smiling face throughout.’ 
Andrea – February 2007